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You should have two primary concerns when hiring a construction company to build educational facilities. The first is always safety. Quality construction with an eye for details has always distinguished Imperial Design Builders. We are on the ground day in and day out making sure things are done right. We live in this community, so we have a personal interest in making your schools a success.

The second concern you should have when hiring a construction company is their ability to stay on schedule. The school year does not wait for construction. It is imperative that companies are able to make adjustments to complete the project on time. There are bound to be delays, but construction companies must have the ability to predict, bounce back, and troubleshoot when the inevitable happens. That’s what distinguishes Imperial Design from the competition.


Southern Wake Academy

Southern Wake Academy


In August 2015, Southern Wake Academy completed a 14-month-long construction project for our new classroom and administration building. Mr. Jay Jenkins was the project manager for our new building as a part of the Imperial Design-Ocean Builders joint venture project and was the day-to-day leader of the construction team. The highlight of the project was our opening school on time to begin the 2015-2016 school year as planned, working through some significant project delays to meet our opening schedule.

Jay Jenkins was on site daily and always well informed about the immediate situation as well as about pending and/or future portions of the overall project. He is well versed in the construction rules and codes, and he demonstrated an on-going effort to make needed contacts with subcontractors to answer questions or address issues. He addressed concerns of the customers and kept up with the timelines for completion and planned submittals well in advance to ensure delivery of materials on or ahead of schedule.

Mr. Jenkins worked as an advocate for our school during the entire project cycle, working around school hours, calendars, special events, and day-to-day routines of the school and school staff. He approached all of his duties in a professional manner and communicated frequently with us on issues, weather delays, product status, delivery delays, or other events that impacted our overall plan for the building. He was on site during the regular work-week times as well as on weekends, some nights, and through bad weather issues. During the project, there were over 50 days lost to cold, ice, or rain. Additional product delays or errors from the manufacturers caused other delays during the project, but with his leadership, the contractor delivered the building to meet our opening of school date.

I am pleased to recommend Jay Jenkins as a project manager for anyone considering hiring him in that kind of role based upon our experience with this project. I have been engaged in a building project previously for a similar-sized facility construction project for which the project manager was much less effective. Thus, I was very well pleased with the overall work and professionalism but most importantly the communication that Mr. Jenkins had with us throughout the construction period.Carroll A. Reed
Southern Wake Academy

I have worked closely with Imperial Design Builders, Inc. for several years and most recently worked with Imperial Design Builders and Ocean Builders, as joint venture partners Imperial/Ocean, on Southern Wake Academy, a 44,000 sf. charter school in Southern Wake County.

Imperial/Ocean provided construction management service for the project, from initial preconstruction and budgeting phase through the completed project. This project was funded by the USDA and had a nine-month construction schedule. Imperial/Ocean delivered the project on time, ten months including rain days and the added complexity of the USDA processes.

I am confident that Imperial will bring skill sets to your project that includes knowledge and experience of the design and construction as well as exceptional customer service.

I would recommend your consideration of Imperial Design Builders, Inc. for future projects.Michael A. Weeks
Weeks Turner Architecture