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As self-storage properties continue to be built at an ever-increasing rate, facilities have had to undergo a serious transformation to attract today’s clientele. Architects and contractors have had to implement many amenities and features that homebuyers look for when purchasing a home. Tile floors, granite countertops, exposed ductwork, sleek design, greenery and more and now design essentials in today’s self-storage properties.  

Behind the scenes, self-storage interiors are getting a major overhaul with new alternatives to necessary components that can actually pay for themselves in lower monthly usage fees and replacement costs.

In areas around the country where temperatures fall below zero and stay below zero frequently, dry sprinkler systems are starting to be implemented. The dry system maintains pressurized air throughout the system and remains unaffected by the cold air. In the event of a fire, the water is released into the system. Dry sprinkler systems gives self-storage property owners the flexibility to shut down heating systems during closing to lower heating costs dramatically.

Traditional lighting is being replaced with motion-controlled lighting for reduced energy costs. With no movement, no light. Other energy savings options being implemented are radiant heating systems. These innovative heating systems eliminate cold floors and energy loss from the forced hot air in the ceilings. Working with the principal of hot air rising rather than against, radiant heating systems heat the floor and rises to the ceiling. Traditional methods heat within the ceiling and rise from there.

Even the doors are being reinvented for better form and function. Older doors have outdated designs which make them harder to use and require costly maintenance as they age. Self-storage door options are far superior today with more visually appealing options that are easier to operate and virtually maintenance free.

The outsides of these properties are matching the insides. With multi-story facilities on the rise– partly due to space restrictions and land costs– developers have the chance to implement eye-grabbing designs and finishing touches that rival the aesthetics of hotels and shopping centers. Architects and contractors all over the country are starting to understand the necessity of a eye-catching design. New developments are packing a serious punch when it comes to curb appeal.

Management offices should be the center of visual attention from the street and should also be the tallest architectural structure on the property. It serves as a marker for customers to know where to enter and park. More appealing designs can also help put customers at ease because they have a clear picture of the office and can see the interior from the outside. Building with clear glass– rather than tinted glass– uses daylight for energy savings and feels warmer and more inviting than fluorescent.

Covered loading areas are also trending for self-storage curb appeal.With enhanced overhead lighting, music, greenery options, water features and more, it can take the edge off what would otherwise be a more “industrial” feel.

The self-storage properties of today are a far cry from the traditional properties previously seen. These beautiful and aesthetically pleasing property styles are working to change the stereotypes surrounding storage properties and inspire confidence in those who chose to store their property in them. Long gone are the days of ugly concrete fortresses looming over a parking lot as we usher in properties with five-star amenities and upgrades to neighborhoods all over the country.

If you are interested in the aesthetic design in self-storage, Imperial Design Builders can help you make your storage building part of the trend.

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