Niche Storage Solutions for Competitive Advantage

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Niche storage solutions can offer opportunities to reach a unique customer base. Italy and Switzerland have already jumped on the niche self-storage options and the United States has finally started to see a rise in demand. The service is becoming increasingly among the public and increasing population densities create a growing need for space and ongoing self-storage development.

In Italy and Switzerland, the decision to open a new storage location requires a facility to properly profile the demographics in the area. It’s necessary to identify all potential customers in terms of age, mobility, income, marital status and social and cultural condition to analyze the demand. Individuals ages 18-40 are more likely to move and change lifestyles and renters have less ties to their homes. Both groups are more likely to need self-storage options.

Offering a niche service that suits the needs of a particular group can provide a facility with a competitive advantage and the need for niche storage solutions is on the rise. Luxury RV and boat storage facilities are becoming popular for niche markets with a proximity to the ocean, lakes and other desirable recreational areas.

Builders in affluent areas are finding an increase in requests for speciality wine storage options. Cellars keep corked bottles at precise temperatures and humidity levels for optimal storage and enjoyment when brought out of storage. For extra convenience, many facilities offer wine delivery for customers.

Other facilities are offering full-service and valet storage services to make storing items even easier.

If you are interested in niche storage solutions in self-storage, Imperial Design Builders can help you make your storage building part of the trend.

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