It’s All About the User Experience in Self-Storage Construction & Design

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Newly-built self-storage properties aren’t skimping out on the amenities they offer. With more emphasis on user experience than ever, customers are looking for premium storage options that offer a more friendly and convenient solution. Cleaner than ever units, state-of-the-art climate control, digital surveillance, 24-hour gate access and more are all trending offerings for self storage.

No matter the worth of the items being stored, security and benefits are top-of-mind to the customer.

It’s important to consider the needs of the audience each self-storage property is catering to. When designed with the customer in mind, properties can yield maximum occupancy. Niche markets offer opportunities for unique value add-ons. For example, baby boomers will appreciate boat and RV storage options. Or, properties can use the state-of-the-art climate control system to offer wine storage options.

Having digital tools available for customers is a huge trend for 2017 into 2018 and appeal to millennial customers. Text reminders, online move-ins, document e-sign, online bill payment, 24-hour gate access help drive the digitally connected to properties and facilities have begun to realize the importance of these tools.

With the rise of unmanned properties and self-service rental centers, kiosks are trending in urban areas. Customers can rent on their own time, pay quickly and efficiently store items close to home. The trends for the new year are all about allowing customers to serve themselves and do more from smartphones and mobile devices. Unmanned properties with kiosks are able to scan a renter’s driver’s license and fingerprint at move-in to help screen out problem renters. Self-serve tools make renting easy and brings more digitally savvy customers.

Keys and codes are things of the past for self-storage properties. Keyless entry points are being added and customers are given a key fob to be used at any reader at a point of entry. Now, facilities don’t have to worry about codes falling into the wrong hands, re-keying locks after tenants have failed to return keys, or worry about how many keys per unit is in circulation.

New amenities being added don’t just stop at digital options. Some new buildings are going the extra step to create dual-purpose spaces to cater to a more business-minded clientele. Additions such as free Wi-Fi, meeting spaces and conference rooms, faxing centers and shipping centers are being added to make properties a gathering place for the community.

Little things count when adding new amenities. What a facility offers can greatly impact the ability to attract business and meet the needs of a customer base. If the amenities say “quality”, properties will see quality customers.

If you are interested in the user experience in self-storage, Imperial Design Builders can help you make your storage building part of the trend.

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