Who Thought Sustainable Design Would Be A Part of the Self-Storage Industry?

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In our environmentally-minded world, it’s smarter than ever for self-storage facilities to shrink their carbon footprint and build with a more eco-friendly design in mind. The intention of eco-friendly designs is to eliminate negative environmental impact completely through thoughtful and environmentally-sensitive design.

Great design is sustainable design. Rather than thinking of eco-friendly building as one facet builders should encompass the entire design with the principle of “less is more”. While the upfront costs of adding green materials and relying on sustainable energy sources may require a hefty budget, the long-term savings will more than pay for themselves.

With options like solar-powered lighting, air quality controls, energy-efficient features and more, eco-friendly components will give your business a competitive edge to thrive for years. Hundreds of self-storage facilities across the globe have embraced the concept of clean energy using roof-mounted solar panels as a power source.

With most new builds being multi-story, they’re poised perfectly to take advantage of the sun. Solar panels aren’t the only option, however, when taking in the sun’s rays. Smart windows can be installed with heat sensors connected to thermostats that can sense the outdoor temperature and set the indoor controls to the ideal temperature.

Using space efficiently can also help reduce a facility’s carbon footprint. Very few people realize that less can be more with a smaller land parcel using multifunctional designs. Rectangular structures are the easiest to build and maintain. Narrow buildings with one-sided access can be constructed alongside the perimeter to increase usable space and offset fencing costs. Wider interior access buildings can also be placed around the edges reducing areas needing paving in exchange for more rentable space.

Energy-efficient light bulbs are a simple yet effective way to reduce a facility’s carbon footprint. It’s a simple trend with big impact. Energy-efficient light bulbs require less energy and last longer than incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. According to the department of energy, CFL and LED light bulbs last from 3 to 25 times longer than traditional options.   

Another important step for eco-friendly design is using low VOC (or volatile organic compound) paint. By using paint free of hazardous carbon-based chemicals, self-storage facilities can cut down on harmful chemicals being inhaled by customers and outdoor pollutants. While low VOC paint costs slightly more, there are many options and colors to chose from.

With increasing pressure to promote eco-friendly designs, self-storage facilities should strive to reduce their carbon footprint. Something as simple as glass has presented new advances in design that can elevate it as a staple in future eco-builds.

If you are interested in sustainable design in self-storage, Imperial Design Builders can help you make your storage building part of the trend.

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